Kristie Wright (Curry)

Kristie Wright is one of Australia’s leading endurance trainers (and riders) and alongside husband, Rodney Curry forms the Bushgrove Endurance team located in Dalton, NSW.

In Kristie's own words:

I started riding when I was about 4 or 5 with my Dad. I remember dreaming of endurance and reading everything that I could, knowing one day I’d have my own team of horses and slowly but surely I made my vision become a reality.

My love of the horse is always paramount. I also want our horses to win but only when the individual horse is up to it. I have been lucky enough to travel around and ride and learn from some amazing trainers and owners. In the last few years I have stepped back into more of a Trainer role while still riding at home but I also love managing the horses in camp and taking care of them when they are going above and beyond for us.

I love watching our horses achieve greatness and I am pretty much thinking about horses and endurance 24/7. I have stuck to vision of owning and breeding horses that I have had particular success with or that I see something special in. I believe there are freak horses with no particular breeding but mainly we see similar lines doing well over and over again. My heart and soul is in Bushgrove and my extremely tough stallion Cooroora Allyjah who continues to prove himself year after year. He has everything I believe a good endurance horse needs, a sensible head, a fearless attitude, sound legs and an always hungry belly!

I am very lucky to have an A team of people around me, Sarah Parker and I work so easily together and are usually thinking the same. Hubby, Rod is crazy and willing enough to go along with most of our plans and both are incredible riders. My overall dream for Bushgrove Endurance is to keep bringing through horses that shine and continually make us proud. One of my key beliefs is that we are always learning and one can never thinking they know it all. I would love to see Sarah on one of our horses on the world stage, and that is what we will continue to work really hard for!

Fave 2023 Accomplishment: 

  • Having 2 horses in the Pat Slater Cup was nice!
  • Our stallion, Cooroora Allyjah ridden by Sarah becoming the 2023 NSW State Champion and being awarded Best Conditioned.

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