Mady Hooper

Mady Hooper is a 16 year old, Junior endurance rider residing near Canberra, ACT. Mady alongside Mum, Julie and Dad, Jason form the APD Endurance team and have a very talented team of horses behind them.  

Mady began endurance riding at the tender age of 7 and has successfully worked her way up from 20km rides, through 40km and 80km rides including 6 wins in the Junior division, to recently completing her first 160km ride in May 2023.

In Mady's words:

My goal for 2024 is to get my young horse, Bushgrove Magnificent out and going at rides and for my main horse, First Knight to compete at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup to be held in South Australia.

Fave 2023 Achievements:

  • 1st Junior (Best Conditioned) - 2023 Willowvale Endurance Ride 80km
  • 3rd Junior - 2023 Bushgrove Gift Endurance Ride 160km
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Photo credit: Animal Focus

 Photo Credit: Sarah Sullivan