Tracee Nix

Tracee Nix along with hubby, Corey are the owner/operators of Macrocarpa Endurance stud located in Kunghur, NSW.

We look forward to welcoming Tracee to the extended Equistash family in 2024 as a Sponsored Rider and Ambassador.

In Tracee's own words:

I’ve been riding horses since I was 4 years old. The horses were never mine, but I always had lots of horsey friends that appreciated an extra rider to help out with general exercise. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of a couple of kids riding their ponies bareback and venturing off for the day to explore the local bushland, with a backpack full of food and drinks. We would leave at first light and be home by the time the streetlights came on. This was in the days before mobile phones.

Having been in and around endurance since the 90’s as a trainer, ride organiser, committee member, and volunteer, I have always enjoyed the camaraderie of endurance and have made some lifelong friends. Also, thanks to the world of endurance, I met my husband, Corey Nix. Since getting married, I have a cheer squad and support network wrapped up in one person, who encourages me to get out from behind the desk to ride and compete.

In 2023, I lost my dear pony Amy (Melcot Amethyst) who was instrumental in getting me back in the saddle after 2 spinal surgeries and having to learn to walk properly again. She was an amazing horse and was known around rides in SEQ as AWP (Amy the Wonder Pony). It was difficult, but I took on a new horse after she passed. I had a few horses to choose from in our stable and now I’m teamed with a big bay teenage boofhead who I love and adore. We spent 2023 getting to know each other and developing our partnership and 2024 will see Macrocarpa Red Phloyd and me out and about trying to achieve some goals. We hope to compete in, and complete, our first 160km ride and we may even head to Shahzada.  It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we do it together as a family.

Favourite Achievements

April 2021 - Killarney – We withdrew after the first leg due to the weather and my back seizing up, but I was back competing only 11 months after surgery.

June 2023 - Inglewood – Phloyd and my first 80 and it was amazing. He still has a high degree of boofhead in him, but this is the ride that I fell in love with my new boy.

2023 - No vet outs for the Macrocarpa team and 2,708km including 6 x 160km rides.

About Macrocarpa Endurance Horses

Endurance is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Corey and I run our stud, Macrocarpa Endurance Horses, as our side-hustle, when we aren’t working in the education sector. We also compete under the banner of Nix Endurance. We are lucky to be able to ride with our kids and have them involved in the sport as competitors and as volunteers. As Ride Organisers, Zone Committee members and ride volunteers for other clubs, we appreciate all that it takes to make our sport great.

Our extended family are all involved in endurance, and we have Corey with over 21,000km, down to Hazel who completed her first 20km ride in 2023. We have a great team of home bred horses that we train and compete on under the Macrocarpa and Homeleigh Mountain prefixes. Corey was lucky enough to ride TQ23 with both of his sons on horses that he bred.

We have some exciting horses who are starting to achieve success and a group of young horses coming through. It’s a time-consuming passion, but one we wouldn’t be without.