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Equitime IT

Equitime Endurance Saddle

Equitime Endurance Saddle

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The team at Equitime especially designed this saddle for modern endurance riding.

It guarantees maximum comfort for the rider and is perfect for seated or suspended riding. The saddle is made from the highest quality light Italian leather with no rigidity in order to better absorb stress.

It is equipped with a stirrup adjustment system meaning the stirrups can be moved back and forth allowing for the rider’s individual needs. The cushions are made of Latex, a material known for its shock absorbing properties offering the ability to distribute the rider's weight evenly without creating pressure points on the horse's back. They are wider and thinner than common cushions allowing for the use of specialised endurance saddle pads and the cushion shape allows for freedom of shoulder movement and excellent spinal channel clearance.

The saddle seat has protuberances in correspondence with the rider's ischium (pelvic bone) which prevent discomfort during long distance competition. In the center of the seat there is a channel to pressure on the rider’s coccyx. The front knuckles of the saddle have a double density padding with a stiffer part that supports the leg and a softer one at the knee.

This special design allows the rider to perform without discomfort or pain during competition while still maintaining a correct position in the saddle avoiding any added strain on the horse’s back.

And something else we love is that you can add your weights directly to your saddle and apply and remove whenever you want.

Weights are available by custom order in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 7kg.

Saddle sizes: 17', 17.5' & 18 inch (sizing is a little different to English sizing)
Gullet widths: Narrow, medium and wide
Colours: Black, Brown

Please email with any questions about this saddle. Custom orders only.
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