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Equitime IT

Equitime Endurance S Race Hackamore

Equitime Endurance S Race Hackamore

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The Equitime S Race Endurance Hackamore is made from Ergal which is a special alloy used in the motorcycle field, known for its extreme lightness and resistance.

The particular S-shape gives a softer and more progressive action than the other hackamores, and it acts on the poll of the horse promoting neck relaxation. Hackamores give your horse more freedom to eat and drink freely.

We recommend the Equitime Fly Bridle or Essence Bridle to pair with your hackamore.

Gold Biothane with Black S pictured IN STOCK NOW in COB size.

S Hackamore ergal is available in red, royal blue, gold, silver and green. Biothane colours as per chart in matt or gloss.

Custom orders can be emailed to

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