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Equitime IT

Equitime Essence Endurance Bridle

Equitime Essence Endurance Bridle

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The Equitime Essence endurance bridle is practical and light and the genuine biothane remains soft and pliable in any temperature. 

The headpiece can be worn on it's own and is designed for quick removal. 

Pair with an Insync Rope Halter and Equitime Comfort Strap and simply clip the bridle on and off at the poll wasting no time for fast and efficient vetting.

All fittings are quality stainless steel. Hand crafted in Italy and worn by Australia's top endurance riders.

Size: Arab (Full size for larger heads can be special ordered)

Care: Simply wipe over with warm water. White does not fade and is easy to keep clean.

These bridles can also be completely customised with your colours (matt or gloss). Scroll through the photos to the biothane color tables and choose the color you prefer. For custom orders contact

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