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Horsepal Gen 2 Horse Heart Rate Monitor

Horsepal Gen 2 Horse Heart Rate Monitor

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The all new Horsepal HRM Gen 2. Now with an on/off/reset button its never been easier to measure your horse's heart rate. The G2 heart rate monitor can measure your horse's heart rate in under 10 seconds which can be easily viewed on the censor screen. 

This very versatile monitor can be clipped onto the Horsepal handle or electrode belt which comes included with the system.  This is a game changer for strapping as you can monitor your horse's heart rate in real time.

Horsepal turns every iPhone, Android or Smart Watch into a sophisticated horse management system. Start training and record speed, distance, heart rate, duration and analyze data after on the phone or website.

  • 5-10 Second Heart Rate Detection
  • Shock Proof and Water Resistant Cover
  • Bluetooth
  • Changeable Battery (CR2032)


  • 1 HRM Handle
  • 1 HRM Censor
  • 1 Electrode strapping belt
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