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Naroo N3F Sports Endurance Riding Balaclava

Naroo N3F Sports Endurance Riding Balaclava

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The Naroo N3F is the perfect balaclava to pair with your riding helmet for those cold nights and morning endurance starts.

The N3F is breathable, thin, lightweight and doesn't make your head feel constricted even though it maintains its shape as you ride.

Highlights include:

* The light elastic band that secures the fabric away from your face keeps your vision unobstructed.

* If you have long hair, there is a hidden strap to secure your ponytail keeping it in place.

* The visor window remains in place while the bottom half can move feely allowing you to pull it down when you need to

*  The N3F fabric is woven with various thicknesses together to provide maximum heat dispersion from higher temperature areas

* The nylon blend fabric wicks moisture away from your skin leaving you feeling dry and comfortable

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