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Poiseidon Equine Stress Paste

Poiseidon Equine Stress Paste

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We all know travelling, heat, humidity and high exertion can take a toll on our endurance horses. Acute stress can be emotional or physical and affects horses in many ways. Horses may stop eating and they may stop drinking. Muscles can fatigue quickly with dehydration and can result in reduced nutrients available to support energy production.

Poiseidon Stress Paste is a concentrated non-swabbable nutritional formula designed to support horses in those stressful times.

Stress Paste is designed to specifically address each of these responses to stress and keep the horse eating and hydrated with well-functioning, well protected muscles. This is why it is complete with so many ingredients. Stress Paste is also designed to support the gut so it and it’s bacteria can remain healthy during higher stress periods.

This feed supplement has a unique protective effect for your horse's fore and hindgut and provides magnesium for normal nerve function, amino acids for gut wall health, a powerful prebiotic and postbiotic for gut microbiome support, betaine for hydration, B vitamins for muscle and appetite, magnesium hydroxide and pectin to help protect the stomach and Vitamins C & E for antioxidant care. 

This is a fantastic product to keep topped up in your endurance kit.


* Yeast derived prebiotic and postbiotic
* Magnesium hydroxide
* Vitamin premix with natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C and B vitamins
* Natural betaine
* Pectin
* Amino acids (threonine, glutamine, proline and serine)

How to Feed

* Each syringe is 60ml.
* For horses weighing under 400kg give 30ml twice daily, if they are heavier than 400kg you can give 60ml twice daily.
* Feed stress paste up to an hour before the stress event then you can give again 4-12 hours later.
* Stress Paste is designed to be added to your horse’s feed or given orally.

We use and highly recommend Poiseidon products at Equistash.

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